Other Links

There are some great websites that pertain to animal care, safety and health.  These are some that we
have found helpful.  Hope you might too.  If there is a website that you would like to see here, please let
us know.

www.thepetcenter.com is like the "internet hospital" that provides a wide variety of medical and health
information for your pets, including information on weight control, nutrition, physical exams, surgery, etc.

www.purina.com/home.aspx has some great information on behavior and basic training, 1st Aid and CPR
tips, traveling with animals, etc.

www.aspca.org  has great information about pet adoption, spaying and neutering, animal care, animal
behavior and training.  There is also information on how you can help through donations, lobbying, etc.

www.friendsofpets.org provides rescue services, care and adoption services.  They always can use
more volunteers (walking dogs, fostering pets, etc).

Anchorage Animal Control is part of the municipality and is where you can go for lost and found animals,
licensing, to find out about local animal laws, or to adopt an animal.  We adopted our dog, Popeye, from
the shelter and there are many more there that need a good home.

Pet Sitters International is an organization created to educate professional pet-sitters, providing support
and services so we can do our best job caring for your pet.

www.alaskapetprints.com is the website dedicated to DeEtta's pet photography aspect of the business.

www.anchoragedogsitters.com is an online booking site to help pet owners find overnight sitters.
A nice afternoon walk around
Cheney Lake.
Pipen and the puppy dog eyes.
for a tail waggin' good time!
Frankie has no problem
hearing us call.
Built Alaska tough.
A spring day with Venny.
Rex loves attention!
Asher's retired!!
Rooby after a long fame of fetch!!
Buster's built like a
serious athlete!!
Catching a little winter sunshine.
Resting in the snow.
"Do you guys see that?!"
Hannah relaxing on her bed.
Cool blanket!
Kitty's watching some tv.
Dasher with his Xmas decor.