for a tail waggin' good time!
Roxy doesn't love having
her picture taken.
Mellow Krumpla!!
"Toss the ball please."
Cocoa loves her slow
strolls in the park.
A 12 yr old that has the
energy of a youngster!
Relaxing on the bluff.
Aspen, the peace keeper.
Kona's small but hearty!!
"I'm the shark."
Abby and Sandy enjoy a day in the sun.
Bailey was not built
for the snow!
Cinder is what we
call "food
Adorable Buck.
Reilly looks like he was
dipped in bleach.
Cholula....still spicy at 12.
One of our
favorite red-heads!
"These ears sure can get
in my way."
Molly's happy on
the bed.
Gus, George, and Sequoia (the escape artist!!)
A beautiful girl.
Dutch and Dakota
at the bog.
Little Isabelle.
"Me llamo Chiquita."
Thelma and Louise hide in the grass.
A spring day in the park.
Ivan beats up his
doggie roommates.
Rusty likes to walk
with the big dogs.
Trying to be camouflage
in the rocks.
Love the eyebrows
and beard!!
Rufus and his
curly tongue.
Always willing to pose
for a treat.
Sandy smiling!!
Photography has always been one of DeEtta's passions. Although the majority of the photos on this
website were taken by her, many of them were just quick snapshots taken during our walks. We
have expanded our services to include pet photography, where we can set aside time for "photo
shoots", giving us the ability to capture quality images that represent the personality of your pet.  
Prices are located on the
"Services" page of this website and examples of DeEtta's pet
photography photos are located on their own website:  
VERY playful Duma!!
After a warm shower.