GROUP WALKS  (Your dog may be walked with up to 3 other dogs so they need to be fairly well-
                              trained and socialized.)

1/2 hour = $ 16 -  1 dog
                 $ 20 -  2 dogs
1 hour =    $ 25 -  1 dog
                 $ 30-  2 dogs

*  If there are 3 dogs from one household, see "private walk" rates.
*  Puppies cannot go on group walks until they are at least 5 months old


1/2 hour = $ 20 -  1 dog
                 $ 25 -  2 dogs         
   $ 28 -  3 dogs

1 hour =  $ 30-  1 dog
               $ 35 -  2 dogs
               $ 38 -  3 dogs


1 hour in-home private training session= $45

We will get information about the dog over the phone or via email before the first meeting, so we have as much
background as possible before the training session.  
*  Our goal is to teach owners how to improve their handling and communication skills with their dogs.  Often,dogs
are unsure what is expected of them throughout their daily lives. We can show owners how to provide more
structure, which can improve a dog's behavior.


*  Great for puppies, dogs lacking social skills, or dogs who could use improved manners.
*  If your dog is unable to join a regular group walk (needs socialization or manners),
private walk rates
*  Our goal is to teach dogs to walk politely with a variety of dogs in multiple settings.  This often
requires significantly more work and/or staff so there may be an
additional charge for more challenging
 Owners MUST be "on board" to work with the dogs at home, as training is an ongoing process
that requires work 24/7.


* Go to to find and book overnight sitters for your home and your pets.  Each sitter is an
independent contractor (not an employee) so sets their own rates and works for themselves.  We can help you find and book
someone who will suit your needs best, by showing availability calendars for each sitter, providing information about them, doing
background checks, and interviewing each sitter in person.  Anchorage Dog Sitters (a division of Anchorage Dog Walkers LLC)
charges a small fee per booking, which helps provide insurance for your pets during the dates of the bookings.


*  Go to for a better idea of DeEtta's style of photography. The website is dedicated solely to the photo
aspect of the business, as many photos here are just snapshots taken during our walks.

*  1/2 hour photo shoot = $75  for one pet; $25 for additional pets. Includes one location, 10 proof minimum, post-
                                         session editing, 1 - 5x7 print.
*  1 hour photo shoot   = $150  for one pet; $25 for additional pets. Includes one location, 20 proof minimum, post-
                                         session editing, 2- 5x7 prints.
*  2 hour photo shoot   = $300  for up to two pets; $25 for additional pets.  Includes two locations, 40 proof minimum,
                                         post-session editing, 1- 8x10 print, 2- 5x7 prints.
*  Additional Prints        = $15 - 5x7;     $25 - 8x10;     $50 - 11x14;     Other sizes and photo gifts available.  

*  If your regularly scheduled walk falls on a
major federal holiday, the walk will be automatically cancelled unless
otherwise discussed. Holidays included:
New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

*  Please try to give as much notice as possible when
requesting visits.  We understand that situations arise when
there may be shorter notice, but we cannot guarantee that we'll be available.  We may be booked (especially around
holidays) or we may not have a sitter, who already knows your pets, who is available for those dates.  Please
understand that we do our best to accommodate all requests but it is easier with as much notice as possible.  

* Our regular walking
hours are 10-4 on Monday through Friday.  In-home training sessions can be scheduled for
weekday evenings also.

Walk times include the time it takes to put on leashes, get dogs in and out of kennels, wipe off paws, put on booties,
coats, etc.  Some dogs take longer than others to get ready so our walk time is considered from arrival at the house
to when we leave the house after the walk.  If we're driving to pick up other dogs, we start the walk time once we
have all the dogs.

*  There are rare occasions when we may have to
shorten a walk, due to an emergency vet visit, abnormal traffic, or
other unexpected happenings.  We ALWAYS are sure to make up any lost time in a following walk (or charge
accordingly).  There are also times when walks are lengthened due to nice weather, moose on the trails, trying out
new routes with dogs, etc.


*  We accept cash, checks or online payments (via our emailed invoices, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle).  All new clients
need to pay prior to the sitter's visit.  Once a client has a good payment history, we
will send a monthly bill.  Any
cancellations for walks must be made 24 hours in advance for a full refund. There may be a $25 late fee for monthly
invoices that are left unpaid after the due date

* If there is a service in which you are interested but is not mentioned, please let us know and we'll see if we can
Nala, the Alaskan dog.
Opie is a good herder!
Winter is Tia's  time of the year.

for a tail waggin' good time!
Dire, resting after a long walk in Eagle River.
Remus LOVES to play ball!!!
We love cats too!!
The whole CREW!
A fresh day of snow
for Oscar.
He's REALLY interested in that
Arturo's just a big lover.
Remy on the Coastal Trail.
Good 'ole Leto.
Waiting for his morning walk.
After a good roll in the snow!!
Enjoying the sun.

"Throw the toy already!"
Great puppy eyes.
"Time for my nap."
Liberty checking out the camera.
Snow sure sticks to Cheney!!
Ahhhh. the smell of SPRING!!
Hunter's taking a break
from the frizbee.